Not Just Lazy Susans




All of our lazy susans are handmade from the best hardwoods available. The hardware is made in the USA. All of our woods are hand selected to bring out the best wood design in your lazy susan. Our susans are low profile, which means from the table to the bottom of your lazy susan it is only ¾ inch. They are handcrafted and constructed as one piece.

They are sanded using 4 different grades of sand paper until they are smooth and clean. At this point some are stained while others retain their nature color. Three coats of high quality Polyurethane finish is applied for a long lasting and hard finish. Because of the unique designs of the woods we choose, no two pieces will be the same. You will have the only one in existence.

We have 5 colors of stain to choose from and many different woods to choose from. If you need a certain color of stain to be applied, we can custom make that for you.

Our lazy susan sizes are 18”, 20”, 22”, & 24”. However we can custom make a different size for you. Our hardware is made in the USA. The rotating components are stamped using corrosion-resistant galvanized steel, the swivel bearing design has a deeper race groove, encapsulating the balls more effectively and allowing them to move more smoothly and with a load capacity of 1000 lbs.

Lazy Susans are great for the center of a table to hold condiments, salt and pepper shakers, napkins, etc., great to put your TV on and they are also great on the kitchen counter.