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Customer Testimonials

I love my new lazy susan. Rod was great to work with, and gave me great suggestions via our communication. My dining table is modern and large, but it needed a natural element to warm up the space. The lazy susan filled that need as well as adding functionality! Thank you.

- Ruth

Dec 7, 2017
lazy suand on desk
Our lazy susan arrived and it is gorgeous! Beautiful, durable craftsmanship and it looks amazing on our table. Functions perfectly. We will enjoy this for many years. Thank you!!

- Lindsey

tv on lazy susan

Your Lazy Susan product is outstanding. I am very impressed with the quality of craftsmanship. This must be the most unusual use of your product (see photo below), but it works exceptionally well. This Sony 55" TV weighs 63 lbs and it swivels effortlessly on your Lazy Susan. I have forwarded your contact information to my Audio/Video dealer in case they have other customers who need a TV to rotate. I'm sure I'll order again from you in the future.

All the best,


We received the turntable before Christmas. It looks gorgeous and fits to our dining table very nicely. My husband and I love it.

Thank you for getting it ready before Christmas for us. Happy Holiday!

- Wai Min Tang

"I love my lazy Susan so much, I bought a 2nd one. My first one is 33 years old and still in great condition, but we remodeled our home and I wanted a newer look. We have a large family and it was a hassle to pass the food around. So we put everything on the lazy susan and everyone can reach what they want when they’re ready. My lazy s is 24” cherry with a clear finish and the grain and color are beautiful! Even with a smaller one just for salt/pepper, salad dressing, condiments etc. it’s so convenient."

- J randall

We love our Lazy Susan! Our historic home's kitchen has mahogany countertops so we wanted a 16" Lazy Susan to match them that could handle heavy bottles of oil and vinegars in a "lost corner". Mr. Hoffman corresponded with us very patiently, looking at our photos and explaining our options for our custom size and color piece. It arrived SOONER than expected, in perfect condition. Beautiful!

All the best!

"Our lazy susan is top quality and the service was outstanding! The wood is durable, it spins smoothly, and the finish couldn't be better. Rod went the extra mile for us and customized our lazy susan with a stain that matched our darker table. Highly recommend!"

- Joshua

"As a mom of four, the lazy susan makes it so easy to pass the food to everyone on the table. And I love the way it looks! When we aren't using it for meals, it makes a great, natural looking center piece."

- Brooke

"We LOVE our lazy susan! It makes meal time easier. No more "pass the potatoes", no need to lean over to grab something, and it fits right in with the table and tablecloths. We've had NO PROBLEMS with our lazy susan and we've had it for a couple years now. Very strong and durable. You can use it for other things like frosting cakes- you simply put the cake on the lazy susan and turn it while you frost. It makes it easier to get an even spread. We have purchased additional ones for family and friends we love it so much. Hands down- a great buy!"

- Elaina D.

"LOVE this Susan. We had one growing up and it made things easier with 7 in the family. I have my own family of 7 now and this thing is perfect, no reaching over each other, getting up and down, it's all right there when you spin it. And is so smooth and quite. Matches beautifully to our hardwood table. Highly recommend."

- Not Just Lazy Susans Customer

"After growing up with a lazy susan I knew I needed one in my own home. We looked into several other options and couldn't find the quality offered by Not Just Lazy Susans. We loved being able to customize, not only the size we needed for our table, but also the color. It's endured daily use and has held up extremely well! We love it!! Thank you Not Just Lazy Susans!"

- Elisabeth